Pet Microchipping for When the Unexpected Happens

Few of us think about our beloved pet becoming lost. Unfortunately, it happens a lot easier and quicker than you’d think. A lost pet is a pet at risk of injury and illness. Dramatically increase the odds of your fur-baby being reunited back into your loving arms with pet microchipping. ID tags and collars do not replace microchipping. In fact, many pets arrive at animal shelters with no identification, because they slipped their collars off. At Northside Animal Hospital, we care deeply for the pets of Columbus and their families. Ask us about getting your pet microchipped at your next wellness care visit or schedule an appointment right away. The process is simple and will connect your pet to a database to quickly help identify them—just in case the unexpected happens.

How Pet Microchipping Works

Since pet microchipping is quick, easy and painless, we can add this service onto any of our other services. A microchip is the size and shape of a grain of rice and is inserted right underneath your pet’s skin, in between their shoulder blades. There is no need to ever worry about replacing the microchip, since it is completely compatible with your pet’s body and will last a lifetime. The microchip contains a unique identification code. Scanners, which most veterinarians and animal shelters carry, use radio frequency to read your pet’s code and contact you.

Registering Your Pet

A microchip contains a unique identification code, but doesn’t track where your pet is at. For this reason, getting your pet microchipped is only the first step in the process to keep your pet safe. When your get your pet microchipped at Northside Animal Hospital, you must register them with our brand’s national pet recovery database. HomeAgain provides an extensive database for rescue workers, veterinarians and animal shelters to access in case they find your pet. They simply look up your pet’s identification code, and contact you with the listed information. Remember to keep phone numbers, and addresses up-to-date. We’ll guide you throughout the microchipping process at Northside. Please contact us with any questions today!