Pet Vaccinations

At Northside Animal Hospital, we know that vaccinations are a vital part of any pet’s preventative healthcare plan. Vaccines are specifically designed to protect pets against a variety of serious and potentially-fatal viruses and diseases such as rabies, hepatitis, parvovirus, Bordetella, Lyme, and more. Ideally, all dogs and cats should begin receiving pet vaccinations in their first year of life and continue annually into their senior years.

Personalized Vaccination Protocols

Our vets believe in the power of personalized medicine, which is why we tailor our vaccine schedules for every single one of our patients. Your pet’s specific vaccination protocol will be based on a variety of factors including:

When you bring your pet in for their first wellness visit, our team of animal professionals will discuss these factors with you before creating a vaccination protocol designed to meet your pet’s needs. Feel free to talk to your vet if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s vaccination requirements. We know that the best pet owners are well-educated pet owners, so we’re happy to speak with you about your pet’s health.

Does My Pet Really Need to Be Vaccinated?

If you want your pet to live a long, happy, and disease-free life, it’s necessary to keep them current on their vaccinations. Pet vaccines have proven to be an effective way to protect pets from many serious illnesses. Here’s how vaccination works: Vaccines contain antigens, which are structurally similar to disease-causing organisms. These antigens cause a moderate response in your pet’s immune system without making them ill. If your pet encounters the full-fledged disease later in life, their immune system will be better equipped to recognize and fight off the contagion.

If you’d like to make an appointment or if you need more information on pet vaccination, we invite you to contact us today. We can be reached by phone at 706-324-0333. We hope to hear from you soon!