Pet Wellness Care is Preventative Care

Bringing your Columbus pet in for regular wellness care is important, because it can prevent many medical issues. Senior pets and ones with special needs should visit us at Northside Animal Hospital twice a year. Medical conditions can progress rapidly in pets, because of their shorter life spans, but this can be more of an issue in seniors and those with heath issues. Adult pets should see us at least once per year. Puppies and kittens should see us a little more frequently until they receive all their “core” vaccination boosters.

A Complete Nose-to-Tail Examination

Pet wellness care at our hospital includes a complete physical, and we take the time to address any issues about your fur-baby. We’ll take care of routine services, like pet vaccinations if they’re due, and talk to you about the best time to perform spay or neuter surgery. Should we uncover any underlying concerns during pet wellness care, we’ll run the proper bloodwork or diagnostics to give you answers right away.

Things we check during wellness care include:

Senior pets and those with special medical needs receive even more comprehensive care at their wellness visits. Any pet over the age of seven is considered a senior and complete bloodwork is taken and sent to our laboratory to check for medical conditions they’re prone to. Conditions senior pets are prone to include:

Educating You on Your Pet’s Care

Besides checking for underlying medical conditions and performing routine care, pet wellness care is also the time to learn more about your pet. We encourage our clients to ask questions and we’ll take the time to discuss your pet’s behavior, habits and diet. Sometimes your pet may be due for a different type of food or different behavioral training may curtail frustrating habits. At Northside Animal Hospital, we’re ready to handle all your pet care needs. Please contact us to learn more about our pet wellness care today.